Dario Capasso - Andrea Laudante


Liburia Experimental 04

Formato: Cd digisleeve - digital - Limited Edition 200

released September, 12, 2020

ACR0N was born by the meeting of the sonic universes of Dario Capasso and Andrea Laudante. The search for a common territory between the two different dimensions, the virtual one of the machine and the physical

one of the acoustic instrument, is conducted through a dialogue that leads to a dualism of conditions of the materials and fluctuating states, such as balance and idiosyncrasy, frenzy and stasis, structure and deconstruction. By exploring the possibilities of this communication, sometimes taken to the extreme, the musical narration opens up to new inner perspectives and hybrid levels of expression.


Dario Capasso: electronics, sampling, guitar on track 4

Andrea Laudante: piano, prepared piano, rhodes, sampling


Mixed and mastered by Dario Capasso

Artwork by Dario Capasso



1 - Er

2 - undrwtr

3 - Impr~piano

4 - I.flx

5 - skmlt

6 - mecha ncL

7 - gl acr

final (1).jpg