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Francesco Di Cristofaro - duduk, bansuri, nay, bagpipes, accordeon,

Gabriele Tinto - frame drums, tamburines, cymbals,

Andrea Laudante - Electronics, mixing.

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Dario Capasso / Andrea Laudante

Dario Capasso - electronics, samplings

Andrea Laudante - piano, prepared piano, rodhes, sampling

Dario Capasso (born 1992, Naples) is an Italian electronic musician,

sound and visual artist. Has studied New Technologies at the Academy

of Fine Art of Naples and has graduated in Electronic Music at the

conservatory S.Pietro of Majella. Influenced by acousmatic music, his

main solo project AEDACT aims to experiment the links between the

various fields of expression in electronic music, with a crucial

dedication to the exploration of sound in micro and macro levels. He’s

currently running in the city of Naples, being active both in studio

and live with several records already published independently. He’s

member of the OEOAS orchestra, lead by electro-acoustic composer Elio



Andrea Laudante (born 1993, Naples) is an Italian composer and

multi-instrumentalist. His works are mostly influenced by the

relationships between instrumental and electroacoustic sounds and the

concepts of Oriental philosophies. He is also part of the degoya

improvisational trio, with whom he recorded “Fragmenta" (Liburia

Records, 2020) . After “3 mandala” in 2016 (three pieces for piano

solo), his first official studio record is “Banat banat ban jai”

(Krysalisound, 2020). He is currently studying composition and

electroacoustic music. He’s

member of the OEOAS orchestra since 2017.

sfondo nero
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Distant Animals

Distant Animals is the artistic output of Daniel Alexander Hignell, a sound, video, and performance artist. Holding a doctorate in composition, his work focuses on the political and participatory resonance of creative acts, interrogating notions of autonomy, collaboration, and the tension between sense (what is perceived by the senses) and sense (what is made sensible by a community). As a composer and film-maker, his practice explores subtle, emergent changes in timbre and rhythm over time, and the relocation of otherwise avant-garde practices into mundane or everyday contexts. As such, he has devised works for solo AV performance, string quartets, dance companies, street choirs, rock bands, children’s groups, and art installations. Throughout his career he has collaborated with a wide range of practitioners across a broad range of disciplines, including painters, photographers, programmers, educators, law experts, inclusive artists, comedians, acousticians, theologians, and statisticians. His work is multi-medial in nature, and he has released music, videos, performance pieces, created board games and led research projects with an underlying impetus to explore the social-function of art-making

sfondo nero
Francesco Di Cristofaro
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