The Kërkim was born in Puglia, turned to the lands of the Mediterranean. From Albania takes its name, in the meaning of search and observation, a costant motion made possible by dialogue, essence of worldmusic. Takes its inspiration from the street, listening sounds, smells and observing its steps. Kërkim meets, listens, preserves and rereads the frequencies of those lands; from the Balkans to North Africa, crossing Turkey and Syria and to the end weaving its own sound that has no borders.

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Italian percussionist. She has been studying traditional drums like Zarb, darbouka, dumbek, daf, tar, cajon... "The rhythms, linked to the dances, trace the cultural fabrics of a people..."

She starts later to introduce herself to dialogue with electronics, with the idea of immersing ancient musical languages within suggestive listening environments.


Solo debut for the Apulian percussionist Manuela Salinaro. Duets is a “concept album”, its theme is getting lost in the sounds, blending the rhythms and colors of ancient geographies with contemporary environments.