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Liburia Experimental 01

Formato: digitale - Cd audio/digipack

pubblicato il 28 gennaio  2020

The work is the result of several studio sessions focused on improvisation, sound investigation and real time manipulation. After that the materials has been carefully selected, edited and worked out again up to build five different fragments of our sound. The instruments that were used (coming from different musical tradition all around the world) are melted with the electroacoustics tools.

Registrato e missato da Andrea Laudante at AtellanaeMusicExperience, Sant’Arpino - Italy
Mastering: Renato Grieco at KU Studio, Naples
Grafica: Simone Lombardi

sfondo nero


"...degoya multiplie les sensations, passant de l’obscurité à la lumière, construisant un univers centré sur le multiculturalisme et l’ouverture, la tribalité et la modernité, avec un sens de l’harmonie aux balancements subtils et enivrants. Un album brillant du début à la fin. Captivant.


"...Degoya esce sequendo le direttive della ricerca che si dipana nelle cinque tracce che compongono il lavoro, porta con sé il fasciono del silenzio che avvolge il passato, un passato ben radicato nella tradizione, sonora innanzitutto. L'uso di strumentazione proveniente dai più svariati luoghi abbinato all'ottimo uso della materia elettronica, fa di Fragmenta un'ottima produzione."

Mirco Salvadori - ROCKERILLA

"...The wind instruments of Di Cristofaro are used in a dark, mysterious and elegant
way. It's nothing hectic or wild, but strangely exotic and introspective; something similar is to be
said of Tinto's percussion; rather than banging time signatures, his playing is about the touching
of the surfaces, which in turn set a chain of events in motion inside the world of electronics. There,
in the centre, we find Laudante creating textures, drones and atmospheres in which all the
instruments still sound, to some extent as intended, but at the same time, they are also beautifully
melted into something bigger. Only in the fifth (untitled) piece, the accordion has a leading role
and that adds a fine Middle European flavour to the music. Strange music? Not really. Unusual?
Perhaps. Great? Absolutely! Too short; hell yeah, way too short."

Frans de Waar - WITAL WEEKLY

sfondo nero
sfondo nero
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sfondo nero
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