La Giostra


Liburia World 01

Formato: digital - Cd audio/digisleeve

Pubblicato il 24 Ottobre 2020

The journey from Puglia to the Balkans, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania again. A work of research and reworking of traditional instrumental melodies. Then moving towards the South of the Mediterranean to reach Syria, Algeria, etc. “it is a day of celebration on the bandstand, the band plays a very sweet sad waltz. Everyone, young and old, solemnly listening to that melody, when an old gypsy arrives from afar, slowly placing an unusual carousel in a corner. With the strength of his arms he moves that bizarre circle of horses and carriages from which unknown music comes out with unexplored notes and rhythms. The harmonies of the band mix with those mysterious sounds giving life to a rare and never heard concert until then. The party ends. Everyone goes home with the memory in the heart of a lucky intertwining, of marvelous languages and mixes …” 

Maurizio Pellizzari - voce, chitarra, saz, mandolino

Vincenzo Grasso - clarinetto, clarinetto basso, Sax soprano

Bruno Galeone - fisarmonica

Manuele Salinaro - batteria etnica, daf, darbouka, djembe

Francesco Pellizzari - batteria

Track List:

1 - La Giostra
2 - Zapievala
3 -Tutti frutti
4 - Tu che parti
5 - Tre tzigani
6 -Lulle Lu
7 -Ballata a ritmo incerto

8 - More socol pie


Recorded and mixed in Lecce: Bazù - Centro Studi e Produzioni Musicali (Giuggianello - Le)