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Alfredo Pumilia

Liburia World 08

Formato: digital - Cd audio/digisleeve

Pubblicato Marzo 2024

Miradois is the name of a hill in the center of Naples, in the Rione Sanità.

According to one of the most likely theses, this name comes from the Spanish occupation of the city, around the 16th century, when this place was called "Mira todos," a place from which, rising from the heart of the city, you could see EVERYTHING.


This hill among the city's narrow alleys acts as an invitation to explore, to observe beyond the surface, to peer beyond the boundaries often imposed by the outside.

Miradois is a sound portrait composing a collection of musical experiences over the past few years, enhanced by the participation of excellent musicians as well as special people.

- Alfredo Pumilia: Violin and composer

- Roberto Porzio: Piano-Synth

- Paolo Petrella: Bass

- Giuseppe Donato: Drums

- Salvio La Rocca: percussion



- Francesco DI Cristofaro: duduk (Trupéa)

- Peppe Frana: Oud (Mosul)

- Sergio Dileo: Clarinet (migration)

- Alessandro Morlando: Electric guitar-Saz (Dahar-Sufi)

- Alessandro De Carolis: Flutes (Dahar-Migration-Tupéa-Sufi)

- Pasquale Ruocco: flamenco guitar (Zefiro)

- Valerio Middione: electric guitar-effects (Sufi-janūb) 

Track List:

1- Mosul

2- Dahar

3- Migration

4- Zèfiro

5- Janūb

6- Trupéa

7- Sufi


Recorded at Auditorium 900 by Fabrizio Piccolo 

MIx by Valerio Middione  

Mastering by Giovanni Roma

record cover: Gabriele Cernagora

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